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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya Written Update S02 Ep357 Dec 4, 2021: Hema Claims She Will Try To Leave


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya wrote update S02 Ep357 of December 4, 2021, we can see Baa advises Krishna to focus on his work until Tia agrees to marry him and then save some money and buy a house.

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Swara begins the program by explaining that dancing is an art that not everyone can master. Baa claims that whoever got the most money today won the competition; otherwise, she would not approve of Swara’s dirty dances in public as it violates her sanskaras. Swara claims that if Tia had asked for her permission, she wouldn’t have granted it. Tia claims she had Gehna’s approval. Tia claims they’ve dated several times. Baa tells her that she won’t do it from now on and demands that she enter. Baa encourages them not to look at her because she has done the right thing and compliments Swara’s reasoning.
Krishna claims he is ready for marriage, but Tia is not.

Baa advises Krishna to concentrate on his work until Tia agrees to marry him, then to save money and buy a house for a better future. Baa is depressed and says that Gehna has taken her whole family back and made her feel like a naukrani from Sethani, she has taken her locker keys and her house, and now she has taken her whole family back, and she’s gone. go. Bapuji claims Baa is affected by strangers, but she will soon admit her mistake. Kanak scares her by saying that Swara would rule over her soon, and just like Gehna’s sister, Swara has come and grabbed Pankaj, what if Swara’s sister catches her Chetan and pushes her out of the house? Kanak adds that if she doesn’t want to witness this future, she should help him get out of prison as she is the only one who can help him right now.

Krishna informs Gehna and Anant that he does not want any problems between them because of him and wishes to leave their house. Krishna claims that only when he comes out will he be able to marry Tia and start his own family. Anant claims that if he left, the strangers would triumph, so he shouldn’t be leaving now. Krishna nods and leaves. Gehna informs Anant that Swara and Kusum’s antics are becoming too dangerous and that they must protect Baa from their antics. Anant warns them that their game is getting dirty and that they need to be careful. Kanak asks Hema to meet Sagar and help him get her out of prison. Hema claims she will try to leave. Kanak believes that Swara has taken her rights and that whenever she is released, she will punish Swara and claim her rights.

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