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SCCF awards over $ 38,000 to organizations and groups in Pratt County

Here are other scholarship recipients from Pratt County - representatives of the DECA Children's Alliance.
Grants to support education were high on the list of recent recipients of SCCF funds.

The South Central Community Foundation (SCCF) was delighted to award more than $ 38,000 in community, children’s health, teachers and Pratt County Achievement Place grants to communities in Pratt County this fall.

Covering seven counties, the goal of the SCCF is to reach many different sectors of each community, hoping to have a big impact with limited funding. Overall, SCCF has awarded nearly $ 150,000 this year, affecting more than 120 nonprofits and educators in south-central Kansas.

“This is one of our favorite seasons of the year,” said Holly Rooks, Executive Director of the SCCF. “It is an incredible feeling to see this impact grow each year through the skillful planning of the founders of our Foundation and the members of the SCCF Board of Directors.

With grant ceremonies in each county to celebrate the 2021 award winners, the SCCF announced the following Pratt County recipients: 2021 SCCF $ 5,000 Children’s Health – $ 382 / Pratt schools, bottle filling stations water ; 2021 SCCF Community – Pratt County Health Department: Bike Repair Station $ 2,000, Pratt High School / Creative Writing Program $ 1,952, Skyline High School / Farm Labs $ 2,000, Pratt Public Library – 2,000 audiobooks $, The Hope Center of Pratt – pantry supplies $ 1,000, The Hope Center of Pratt – window fans and air conditioning units for Pratt County $ 1,000, Abundant Harvest Church of the Nazarene – air conditioning units for The Loft 2,000, First Assembly of God – backpacks and school supplies $ 2,000, Pratt High School – CoachPad for the football team $ 920, Pratt Area Humane Society – supplies for the enrichment program $ 2,000 , Pratt Teen Center – supplies to upgrade facility $ 2,000, Liberty Middle School – classroom whiteboards $ 1,438, B-29 Museum – museum gutter $ 600, Youth Core Ministries – outreach supplies $ 993, Arrowh ead West – wheelchair swing $ 750, Dealing Hope – clothing bank supplies $ 1,000, South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative – self-regulation kits $ 965, Kansas Hono r Flights – veterans travel (for use in several counties) $ 1,700.

The 2021 CSCF Teacher Grant recipients of $ 100 include: Skyline Middle & High School Aeroponic Garden Supplies – Anita DeWeese, Skyline Middle School Social Studies Games – Kristin McPherson, Pratt High School Ag – Life on the Farm Board Games – Rachel Easdon, Pratt High School Geometry Clinometers – Lance Sorensen, Pratt High School Social and Emotional Learning Program – Chris Battin, Pratt High School Bumper and Science Launch Kits – Heath Sharp.

The 2021 Pratt County Achievement Place grant recipients include: Pratt Teen Center: Technology for After School Program $ 2,000, The Hope Center of Pratt: Pratt County DEC Alliance Kids Fair $ 2,000, Pratt High School: Geometry Clinometers $ 200, Pratt High School: Ag Welding Shop Renovation $ 2,000.

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