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Semafor Hires Wall Street Journal’s Liz Hoffman as Business and Finance Editor


Semafor, the global news startup co-founded by media veterans Justin Smith and Ben Smith, has hired Liz Hoffman as its business and finance editor.

Why is this important: Hoffman becomes Semafor’s first star reporter. She is known for publishing some of The Wall Street Journal’s top business and transaction stories over the past nine years.

  • “Liz is the model for the kind of exceptional journalist around whom we are building Semafor: a proven and innovative talent who tells great stories and explains what they mean and covers one of the most important beats in the world at the highest level. “, Ben Smith told Axios. .

Details: Hoffman will write for the Semafor website and his work will appear in newsletters.

  • In addition to her role as editor, she will serve as the principal business and financial writer for the New York-based company.
  • “After nine years of learning from the best at the WSJ, I’m ready to help Ben, Justin and the team create a new global news organization doing what I love most – reporting tough stories on big stories. “, Hoffman said in a statement.
  • Hoffman has earned a reputation for publishing on some of America’s biggest corporate mergers and acquisitions, including Dell’s acquisition of EMC and Morgan Stanley’s acquisition of E*Trade.
  • She is the author of a forthcoming book titled “Crash Landing: The Inside Story of How the World’s Biggest Companies Survived an Economy on the Brink”.

The big picture: Semafor has hired a dozen people since the new company was announced in January.

  • Hoffman is the company’s second major editorial recruit, after Reuters’ Gina Chua, who will serve as the company’s managing editor.
  • The company is currently raising around $30 million from individuals and family offices with the goal of officially launching this fall.

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