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Straight Fork CEOS Welcomes County Council | New


The Straight Fork Community Outreach Services Club hosted the June 2 CEOS County Council meeting at the Straight Fork Community Building.

Julia Bragg, President, opened the meeting and asked Imogene Wimer to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

The reflections were presented by Susi Heath, and the collection was shared by the group.

Helen McClain, Secretary, read the minutes and they were accepted. As the treasurer was unable to attend, there was no report.

Marketing and Membership President Helen McClain discussed the May activities and thanked members for their work and attendance. One activity was the signing of the proclamation, and another was the maintenance of the flower beds at WVU Jackson’s Mill.

She gave the following membership report: Harrison County 23.7 and Lewis County 177. Lewis County has had 15 members for 50 years.

Debbie Myers, chair of the Intentional Reading Committee, urged members to keep a record of the number of books they have read. She also spoke about the creative writing and poetry competitions.

Sandy King, continuing education committee chair, discussed the Energy Express program and announced that crafting materials are not needed.

She also supported an idea presented by Velva Walton, President of Straight Fork Continuing Education. As the club couldn’t have their June international dinner, Walton suggested that each member bring a recipe for a dish they had prepared in previous years. She picked them up and wrote a little booklet for each member.

The president of the family committee, Imogene Wimer, thanked the members for their donations and the work they have done. COVID-19 created some needs and as a result new activities were added.

She shared “A Brief History of Food” which she found in a little book called “Fabulous Food”.

To wrap up her report, she shared two funny stories that made people laugh out loud.

Prior to the working session, President Julia Bragg asked the group to have a moment of silent prayer for Jackie Smith, who passed away on May 5th. Smith has held many positions over the 50 plus years she was a member of CEOS.

Debbie Myers discussed the scholarship report and Lucille Hicks announced that books are needed for newborns in hospital.

The jubilee is on the club’s agenda for the Country Kitchen, but WVU Extension has not allowed the club to participate.

The WV CEOS Spring Virtual Conference was held April 19-23. Members of three clubs attended. The fall conference will also be a virtual conference.

Club reports are due at the August Council meeting. This includes volunteer hours, poetry and creative writing, and club reorganization information (officers and committee chairs).

A committee has been appointed to appoint Board members for 2022: Judy Smith, chair, Mida Peterson and Vonda Dye.

Scholarship Committee: Debbie Myers, Sandy King and Helen McClain.

Gee Lick CEOS member Shady Hannigan was scheduled to be the Lewis County Belle at the Folk Festival on June 19-20.

The participants were Lucille Hicks and Judy Smith, Berlin Club; Vonda Dye, Gee Lick Club; Kaye Loyd, Debbie Myers, Donnie Hannah, Mida Peterson and Julia Bragg, Horner Club; Sandy King, Club Shamrock; Fern Watson, Jane Metzgar and Imogene Wimer, Straight Fork Club; Helen McClain and Susie Heath, Vandalia Club.

Prior to the county council meeting, there was training for course leaders.

Selah Raines led the training for the August lesson, “Eating Healthy While Eating Out”. The following people attended the session: Lucille Hicks and Judy Smith, Berlin Club; Kaye Loyd, Debbie Myers, Donnie Hannah, Horner Club; Sandy King, Shamrock Club; Fern Watson, Right Fork Club; Susie Heath, Club Vandalia; Vonda Dye, Gee Lick Club.

The next county council meeting will be on August 6, with the Shamrock Club hosting the meeting at the United Methodist Church of Ireland.

For any questions, contact Imogene Wimer 304-924-5385

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