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‘Sugar Birds’ author Cheryl Bostrom wins award | News


LYNDEN — Lynden resident Cheryl Bostrom won Christianity Today’s 2022 Fiction Book Award for her book Sugar Birds.

Bostrom explained that Sugar Birds is the story of a young girl named Aggie, who accidentally starts a tragic fire and flees down the river to hide in the Pacific Northwest forest, determined not to be discovered. by those who wish to bring her home.

Receiving the Christianity Today award was very meaningful to Bostrom and confirmed his hope that Sugar Birds would find its footing in the Christian and secular market.

Bostrom said she wants her books to be accessible to everyone, not just the Christian market.

“The book was written for the general market, because there’s a huge gap, in general, between the Christian market and the general market,” Bostrom said. “Not always, but often books published in one market don’t end up in the other.”

Receiving the Christianity Today award was an exciting experience for Bostrom, she said, as she hoped readers would consider the story’s larger themes beyond the characters.

“I have always prayed that this book finds its place in both markets and all the rewards up to the point of [the Christianity Today award] were age-old awards,” Bostrom said. “When Christianity today has recognized the book, it recognizes the presentation of the themes it contains.”

According to Bostrom’s website, cherylbostrom.com, Sugar Birds was also a winner in Literary Literature, General Fiction and Genre Fiction of the 2021 American Fiction Awards, silver medalist in the 2021 Readers’ Favorite Award in the inspirational fiction, finalist for the 2021 American Fiction Awards in Religious Fiction. .

Bostrom grew up in Washington state on the Olympic Peninsula and said she always included natural world themes in her work.

“I’m an avid student of the natural world and love being able to share it in my work,” Bostrom said. “So all of my writing usually contains some sort of major outer theme.”

The Lynden and Whatcom County community has responded positively to the book since its release in August, according to Bostrom.

“They’ve been pretty wonderful,” Bostrom said. “There are a lot of familiar scenes in the novel that people love to see and there are a number of readers in Whatcom County who have followed my work for a long time.”

Sugar Birds is available from Village Books located in Lynden and Bellingham, or online.