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TCU Senate holds internal elections and hears requests for additional funding


The Tufts Community Union Senate heard requests for additional funding and held internal elections for parliamentarians and Allocations Council members in a meeting Monday evening.

After a brief roll call, Joe Golia, the Director of Campus Life, introduced himself to the Senate body and explained the role of the Office of Campus Life in supporting the more than 350 student organizations on campus. and in the management of their operations.

TCU Treasurer Elizabeth Hom then submitted four additional funding requests.

Parnassus asked for $ 158 to take club members to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston to find inspiration for creative writing. Five members of the Allocation Council voted for, none against and none abstaining. The request was adopted by acclamation by the TCU Senate.

Students for Space Exploration and Development have asked for money for plane tickets and Ubers for a three-day trip to a space conference in Houston. After a $ 2,090 project failed due to the Council’s $ 2,000 cap on travel allowances, TCU President Amma Agyei came up with a lower figure of $ 1,881. His proposal was adopted with 28 senators voting for, none against and two abstentions.

Ears for Peers asked for $ 150 for a new office chair to replace their office chair, which is in poor condition. Seven members of the Allocation Council voted in favor of the request without opposition or abstention. The amendment is approved by acclamation.

Tufts Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia Students Association requested $ 770 to cover transportation costs for an apple picking trip to Andover, Mass. Five members of the Allocations Board voted in favor of the request, with no opposition or abstention. The request was adopted by acclamation by the TCU Senate.

Mark Lannigan, President of the Tufts Community Union Election Commission, then presented the posts of parliamentarian and the allocation committee, and candidates were given the opportunity to stand or nominate other senators.

Agyei briefly explained the role of parliamentarian, after which Class 2023 Senator Ibrahim AlMuasher stepped forward for the post of parliamentarian.

“I think one of the most important goals of the parliamentarian should be to help students and student groups, to ensure that their resolutions end up having an impact and reach the administrators,” Almuasher said.

The nomination was adopted by acclamation and AlMuasher was elected parliamentarian.

TCU Treasurer Elizabeth Hom then explained the role of Allocations Board members, which is to attend additional fundraising meetings with student groups and oversee the budgeting process.

Four Senators from the 2025 class have come forward for positions on the Allowance Council. Nessren Ourdyl, João Ribeiro and Natalie Rossinow were elected members of the Allocations Board.

TCU Vice President Tim Leong then introduced the committee chairs for updates. Arielle Galinsky, Class of 2024 Senator and Chair of the Services Committee, explained her goal of launching a meal piece donation program.

“One thing we want to do this year is start a program to see if we can donate more meal pieces,” Galinsky said. “Currently, you can only give one meal if you’ve signed up for the unlimited meal plan, and most of the time, you won’t be using all of your meals. There is already an organization on campus called JumboSwipes… so we’ll see if we can partner with them.

Galinsky also spoke of a 2021 “Turkey Shuttle,” which would take students from the Tufts campus to South Station and Logan Airport for free during the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

“It’s something the Senate sponsors and does every year, so we’ll be working on it very intensively over the next couple of months leading up to Thanksgiving,” Galinsky said.


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