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The Artists Rights Society, a pillar of copyright protection, launches NFT platform to create ‘new economies’ for artists


The Artists Rights Society, an organization that for 35 years has advised artists on copyright and licensing issues, has expanded its efforts in the digital space with the announcement of a new NFT platform, Arsnl .

“Through curated exhibitions, auctions and key strategic partnerships, Arsnl is creating new economies for premier and legacy artists while connecting digital creators with traditional collectors and global brands,” reads a statement. platform statement.

Arsnl will go live at midnight September 9 with the launch of Frank Stella’s first NFT collection “Geometries”. The series includes 22 digital sculptures in Stella’s Spartan architectural style, released in editions of 100 each.

Priced uniformly at $1,000, they provide an affordable opportunity to own Stella’s work, as well as unique utility: owners will have full rights to create physical reproductions of their digital work at will, at any time. ladder.

“Arsnl’s vision is to bring the Artists Rights Society’s ethos of protection and promotion into the NFT and digital art space,” Arsnl founder Katarina Feder said in a statement. “Arsnl will guide artists and partners in creating digital projects and artworks on the blockchain, while championing artist-centric policies, including embedded royalties and resale rights.”

The platform has been in the works for 18 months since blockchain technology hit the mainstream. “Over the past year and a half, we’ve had the chance to speak to a tremendous number of mainstream artists, institutions and collectors and listen to their questions and concerns,” Feder said. “Members of the crypto community have been extremely generous, with many freely offering their advice and guidance.”

Arsnl and “Geometries” are launching at a tumultuous time for the crypto and NFT spaces. “Collectors have definitely become more demanding,” Feder said. “Now that the height clutter of the NFT frenzy has dissipated, it’s the right climate for an organization like Arsnl to debut a solid project like Frank Stella’s.”

Founder and CEO of Arsnl, Katarina Feder. Courtesy of Arsnl.

Feder first encountered NFTs in early 2018. “I was taking a course on blockchain and the crypto market when Jason Bailey’s December 2017 Artnome article, ‘The Blockchain Art Market is Here,’ was brought to my attention,” Feder recalled. “I was fascinated by the disruption that Bailey so aptly predicted: a booming digital art market; resale royalties create a more ethical way to compensate artists for their work; and a wider art audience allows for democratic price levels.

Bailey has now written a catalog entry for “Geometries”. Feder called his contribution “a real looping moment.”

Stella, a longtime ARS member who has also avidly advocated on behalf of artists’ rights, completes the orbit. Feder said art news that his team was the first to react when the ARS launched the first antennas for the Arsnl.

Although collectors can make credit card purchases through the platform, Arsnl will launch on the Ethereum blockchain. “We’re really excited about Ethereum’s upcoming transition to a proof-of-stake chain, which will make it more environmentally friendly,” Feder said, referring to the blockchain software update planned for the month. September 15.

Going forward, ARSNL will collaborate with artists within and beyond ARS’ roster of 122,000 global creatives. Future projects include drops from Leonora Carrington, LeRoy Neiman and a collaboration between the Quilters of Gee’s Bend and generative artist Anna Lucia.

Although Feder won’t reveal the number of names on the waitlist for Stella’s next 2,200 digital works, you can give it a try and sign up here.

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