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The Bookseller – Rights – Gollancz takes on two sci-fi comedy mysteries based on the Victoriocity podcast


Gollancz, the sci-fi and fantasy imprint of Orion, has signed two spin-off books from the sci-fi crime comedy podcast “Victoriocity” by couple Chris and Jen Sugden.

Rachel Winterbottom, editor-in-chief at Gollancz, has acquired full worldwide language rights to Harry Illingworth’s two books from literary agency DHH, the first, titled Victoireto be published in hardcover on November 9, 2023.

It tells the story of former Detective Inspector Archibald Fleet and journalist Clara Entwhistle who started Even Greater London’s first-ever detective agency. When a missing person’s case lands on her doorstep, Clara jumps at the chance to solve it, the synopsis continues. Every week a man posts the same message in the classifieds, telling his lover he will be waiting for him on Blackfriars Bridge. Instead of a romantic reunion, however, he is smuggled out at night. Meanwhile, Fleet is distracted by the case of London’s most sensational bank robbery: impenetrable vaults are emptied across the city. With the agency – and their lives – in danger, the couple find themselves at the center of a conspiracy of unimaginable proportions.

The authors said: “We are delighted to introduce the world of Even Greater London and the adventures of Fleet and Clara to readers. The ‘Victoriocity’ podcast has found a wider and more passionate audience than we could have ever hoped for, and with these novels, we’re excited to share new standalone stories that will be a great starting point for newcomers. (all in fans, opening of new parts of the city and events so far only mentioned). We are delighted to work with Rachel, whose passion and expertise have been invaluable, and to have found Gollancz the perfect place for these stories.”

Illingworth said Winterbottom’s enthusiasm for Victoire was “infectious from the start” and that she was the perfect editor to bring the book to life. “This novel is exactly what we need right now; the perfect combination of humor, sci-fi and mystery,” he said.

Winterbottom added that she’s a huge fan of the podcast and that the couple’s version of the story is “as clever as it is comedic.” She says: “Mystery and murder has never been so much fun, and I can’t wait for listeners and readers to discover the amazing world of Even Greater London.”