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The Creative Journey: Film Industry Professionals Teach Students How to Succeed


The Sidney Poitier New American Film School brings The creative journey at ASU, an event dedicated to teaching aspiring filmmakers on Saturday how to succeed in the film industry, presented by those who have done just that.

For those unfamiliar with the hardships of studying film, this opportunity couldn’t be more valuable. Any film student knows the struggle. “What are you going to do after college?” “How are you going to secure a job, let alone a stable salary? “How do you plan to meet the right people and get your big break?”

We do not know ! We are just as ignorant of our future as you are. Being myself major of the cinema, I can confirm.

Many film students have surrendered to the heartbreaking idea that success in creative fields is just luck and pixie dust. Oh, and nepotism. We cannot forget nepotism. Film students wonder daily how they are going to write the screenplay, direct the short film, or make the connection that will roll out the red carpets of Hollywood, where the golden little men live.

The Creative Journey is designed to address these concerns with industry insight.

Film and Media Production Junior Issa Sanchez wanted to ask our panel members ahead of time, “What’s one thing… someone can do to help them take the first step into the business?”

Ellie Smith, a film and media studies junior, echoed that concern, saying her biggest concern was finding a steady job with the company.

This is a most valid concern for students hoping to break into the film industry, but Chris La Montan industry veteran, assured us that there are ways to take charge of the future.

“Keep writing and…keep getting better and better at your writing,” he said of the young screenwriters in an interview before the event. “Then these opportunities will open up for you.”

Yet even for the best filmmakers, the sting of rejection never fades. “There’s nothing like getting used to rejection,” LaMont said.

All you can do, he says, is learn from it.

“If storytelling is in your heart and in your soul, then you have to keep telling your stories,” LaMont said. “No one else in the world can tell stories from your perspective. Keep believing the stories you tell because they matter.”

LaMont will be joined by another panel member Scott Steindorfwriter and producer known for “Station Eleven”, “Chef” and “Love in the Time of Cholera”.

This is a conviction shared by Carlo Dall’Olmo, president of Phoenix Screenwriters Association Inc., which is partnering with ASU for this event. Dall’Olmo has held similar events in the past and is looking forward to integrating ASU filmmaking students and faculty for this iteration.

After forming the association in 2009 to meet other creators in the area, PSA quickly became the leading group of screenwriters in the Phoenix area. The mission and purpose of this association is to help scriptwriters and filmmakers to perfect their skills, whatever their experience or professional status.

The association offers an interactive space to give and receive feedback on its work, as well as a supportive community of individuals who are all passionate about the same thing: film.

“Everyone is welcome, all levels,” assured Dall’Olmo. “We have people in their 70s who are members of our group. We have people in their twenties who are members of our group.”

Dall’Olmo said the event will give “people the opportunity to connect with someone who was in the industry, who was successful.”

To learn from these professionals, students and other interested members of the community can register for the event. here. Use promo code “ASU22” to enter for free and come to the Media and Immersive eXperience (MIX) Center on October 15 at 10:00 a.m. to learn from industry professionals how to succeed in this most competitive and exclusive industry.

Because let’s be honest, we film majors, minors, and even just those interested in film, need all the help we can get. Again, can confirm.

Edited by Claire van Doren, Wyatt Myskow and Grace Copperthite.

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