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The delta of records | A local author publishes a short story of poems


BUCKHANNON – Local author Don Narkevic was born in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, where he began writing at the age of 13. In 1979 he moved to West Virginia to begin teaching English at Phillip Barbour High School. After completing a manuscript he has been shaping since 2019, Narkevic published “After the Lynching,” a short story of poems.

The play, Narkevic explained, “tells the story of what happens after the lynching of a young black man in a fictional town in Jim Crow South in the 1930s. The collection of 66 character narrative poems connects them. to each other through the characters and their actions. Although the characters and the city are fictitious, the stories contain historical material dealing with race relations in the 1930s. Factual information came from many resources including non-fiction books, period newspaper articles, oral histories, etc.

After years of writing and experience, Narkevic began publishing in 1995. Since then he has published over 300 poems in literary journals, short stories, plays and now owns four books of poetry. “I target the book mainly on young people, in particular those between 17 and 30 years old, that is to say high school students, students and graduates. Black history in poems reveals racial scars that continue to make headlines and neighborhoods today. Even the elderly will discover surprising information that has never been taught to them in school, ”said the author.

Main Street Rag Publishing Company is expected to release Narkevic’s latest book in Spring / Summer 2022. To pre-order the book, visit https://mainstreetragbookstore.com/product/after-the-lynching-donnarkevic/ or The MSR Online Bookstore at http: //mainstreetragbookstore.com/. The sale price is $ 15 + postage; however, if you pre-order the cost is reduced to $ 9 + shipping. The books will be shipped upon release in Spring / Summer 2022.

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