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The library program adds spice to life


Dukkah is April’s Featured Spice of the Month, as the Escalon Library continues its fun and unique ‘Spice of the Month’ program. Offered free of charge, the monthly spice is available from the second Friday of each month, take-out kits are available during business hours while supplies last.

library assistant Jodi Crawford coordinates the program and take home kits include a sample bag of spices Featured of the month, as well as information on it, as the historical context and nutritional information, plus some recipes to try .

For April, Dukkah is in the spotlight and is described as a “traditional Egyptian blend of nut seeds and warm spices”.

Introduced in ancient Egypt, it is also popular across the Middle East and around the world. It has recently gained popularity in New Zealand and Australia, which are used there as mutton of the season.

Dukkah can be used as a coating for meat, chicken or fish, sprinkled on salads and soups, eaten as a snack or mixed with roasted vegetables.

Library officials are asking spice club attendees to let them know what they think of the spice, share a photo of the food they made with the featured spice, and share suggestions on how to use the spice, as well as what worked. in the recipes they tried.

The Spice of the Month “Spice Club” is one of the take-home family activities offered by the library. They also have several interactive activities set up periodically in the Second Street Library branch, now that it is fully open for regular hours. These include the Poetry Creation Station, where all ages can enjoy writing poetry and creative writing; interactive movie experience, weekly gadget clinics on Thursdays, and the popular preschool storytime at 10:30 a.m. on Thursdays.