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The new semester of “Sundays at JASA” begins on February 27; College level courses


Posted on February 19, 2022 at 9:11 a.m. by West Side Rag


“I’ve been participating in JASA’s Crossword Builder course for just over ten years,” says Dan. “It has always been fun and rewarding. The class instructors were all experts and wonderful teachers. It’s always exciting to see the finished puzzles in the New York Times.

Sundays at JASA offers college-level continuing education courses for adults aged 50 and over over the past 30 years. JASA is proud to be the go-to agency for older New Yorkers, with a range of more than 20 programs and services to help seniors age in their own homes and communities.

Sundays at JASA currently offers all classes on Zoom. According to program director Joe George, they now have students all over the United States and Canada. JASA is offering 16 courses this winter semester, and the majority are also accessible by phone. JASA hopes to offer in-person classes during the last spring semester.

JASA courses take place on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. Tuition of $120 includes the entire course catalog for the six-week semester. Student Dolores shared, “We certainly loved our JASA classes this term and last! Thank you to you and all of your staff and instructors for enriching our lives.

This semester includes many courses in the arts: Drawing Workshop, Art in the City, Masterpieces of Art, Film Lecture Series, Creative Writing, Shakespeare, Postmodern American Poetry, Acting, The music by George Gershwin and more. As always, Sundays will include his popular crossword construction and opera accompaniment classes. History lessons—Jewish history, the American presidency, and historic Supreme Court decisions—are also offered.

Sundays has also added a new series of afternoon performances – join them every Sunday afternoon for a reading of plays or a reading of poetry by modern poets.

To learn more and to view the full winter semester program, please visit www.jasa.org/services/arts-and-education.

For a free one-day trial, please contact Joe George at [email protected] or call 212-273-5304.