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The new version of the author of Marham


An author who lives in Marham has a new offer that has just been released.

Sarah Sands, famous British journalist, wrote In Search Of The Queen Of Sheba.

The genre of the book is described as an autobiographical memoir and explores the author’s quest to uncover the truth about the Queen of Sheba.

Sarah Sands is a famous British journalist and author who lives in Marham.

The figure of the Queen of Sheba embraces religion, history and geography. It has occupied an important place in the popular imagination. The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by George Frideric Handel is one of his most famous works and, of course, the phrase “Who does she think she is, the Queen of Sheba?” can still be heard from time to time!

She came from the South as a trade queen to embark on a business that changed the course of humanity.

She is an icon, a temptress, a political power. It is claimed by at least two countries, Yemen and Ethiopia, by art and by many societies. She represents black empowerment.

In Search of the Queen of Sheba by Sarah Sands (57708226)
In Search of the Queen of Sheba by Sarah Sands (57708226)

But is it real or did it have to be invented?

Sarah goes on a quest to find her, eventually setting sail in a warship to the Red Sea on her trail.

The book is published by Austin Macauley. Paperback ISBN 9781398460669, hardcover ISBN 9781398460676, e-book ISBN 9781398460683