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The Sound of Magic season 2 is based on fan demand and expandable storylines


The Sound of Magic has just been released on Netflix, but why does the Season 2 renewal now depend on fan love and more creative writing?

With the ongoing simulcast of Korean shows, Netflix continues to produce engaging and interesting K-dramas for fans around the world. The big new thing on the platform this week was the six-episode musical romantic fantasy, The Sound of Magic, starring Ji Chang-wook and Choi Sung-eum.

As of this writing, The Sound of Magic has yet to be publicly renewed for Season 2, but why will the Korean drama’s potential return to Netflix now depend on fan demand and expandable storylines? ?

The sound of magic | Official trailer | netflix

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The sound of magic | Official trailer | netflix






The Sound of Magic season 2 could work a miracle

As previously reported, The Sound of Magic has yet to be publicly confirmed to return for a second season by SLL’s production team or Netflix’s associated distribution partners.

Unfortunately, for the new Chang-wook-led series, the odds are against a second season from the start; with very few “one-drop” K-dramas ever renewed by Netflix, i.e. shows that drop episodes all at once have struggled to return at all.

While Season 2 of global phenomena like Squid Game or Japanese series Alice in Borderland may have been given the green light by Netflix, the vast majority of modern Asian titles are never meant to be more than a one-season production. – especially for streaming-originals.

On the rare occasion that a series returns for more content, which is usually teased or hinted at in the series or promotional campaign, think back to Penthouse 3 or Hospital Playlist for recent examples. This lack of information regarding the future of The Sound of Magic is the primary reason why a possible second season seems more unlikely than many fans will have wanted to hear.

Then we think the storyline itself didn’t necessarily lend itself to a second season. If another adventure was planned, we would have expected a bigger open ending, a big twist, or a shocking reveal.

True, not everything was tied in a neat little arc and there is son which we’d love to see explored in a second season, but it was arguably too ambiguous to offer tangible hope for more content. As noted Stable cut ready“Many other plot points and character arcs have reached a logical conclusion, suggesting that the story as presented is quite contained.”

However, it’s important to remember that Netflix is ​​a streaming company and platform that will pump money into any production that might win back engagement for the service; you have to spend money, earn money.

Therefore, despite the absence of Season 2 teasers in the finale, fans are aware that if The Sound of Magic becomes popular enough around the world, it might prompt Netflix to push a second season into production.

While it looks like The Sound of Magic is initially quite popular with fans, it remains to be seen if the show shows the traction needed for Netflix to really question its future. At the time of writing, the series gets a respectable 8/10 on IMDB8.5/10 on MyListDramaand even a 90% on WikiAsian.

“Korean dramas just keep getting better, I love how they try new things and stray from the typical cliché storylines. It’s such a great story and it’s so brilliantly written. It started out so weird that I kept wondering where this was going, nothing made sense but it did at the same time” – User hanalisss, via IMDB.

However, it is important not to take these numbers at face value; the majority of reviews from critics were rather disappointing, with many noting that the series failed to capture their attention beyond the visuals and voice acting presented.

“It’s the real magic here it seems, and I hope for some it will be more than enough to warrant a watch frenzy. But for others, and I unfortunately have to count myself among them, there just isn’t enough magic here to really capture the imagination of a viewer who has seen these types of stories play out time and time again. ReadySteadyCut.

Next comes the final kick; source material. The Sound of Magic is an adaptation of Ha Il-kwon’s original webtoon called Annarasumanara, released in 2010 domestically and 2014 in English. Naver Webtoons page.

While some electrical outlets reported that there is still source material from the webtoon that could be adapted for another TV season, the production team should seriously expand the remaining content for a full series of six episodes – at least one that had any kind of decent pacing , or come up with an entirely original plot.

“Hopefully the writers can come up with a great new idea to continue expanding the world of Sound of Magic into the future. If a second season never comes, we can be happy to have at least one that ended up being the first one.” one of Netflix’s cutest K-Dramas. fictional skyline.

All in all, Netflix will have to decide for itself if global popularity is enough to justify The Sound of Magic season 2, but there are more clues than not that it could unfortunately just be a show. wonderful of a season…although there is always hope for a magical turnaround.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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