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Traverse Bay Farms Announces Book Signing Event with Andy LaPointe, Author of Up North Dream


Michigan author Andy LaPointe will be signing copies of his book, “Up North Dream – The Guide to Moving to Northern Michigan” at the Traverse Bay Farms Elk Rapids store.

Traverse Bay Farms, winner of more than 35 national food awards, announced that the company will hold a reservation event at its Elk Rapids retail store located at 204 River Street on July 2, 2022 from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The company offers a full line of nationally award-winning, all-natural gourmet food products, including cherry juice concentrate, dried cherries, tart cherry capsules and more.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, individuals and families have left major cities and epicenters of the pandemic across America. Many seek a more relaxed and slower pace of life. This migration from cities to modern rural areas is supported by statistics published by the US Postal Service.

These government statistics track mail forwarding requests. The numbers suggest that people from more populated areas of Michigan and the east and west coasts of the United States are moving to modern rural communities.

You see, Mr. LaPointe and his wife moved to a modern rural community in northern Michigan from Taylor, a suburb of Detroit. According to the author, Mr. LaPointe, “My wife and I looked at the big map of the United States and wondered where we wanted to move. After looking at a few different areas, we decided to move to Northern Michigan to enjoy the Northern Michigan lifestyle.

What is the Northern Michigan way of life like?

According to Mr. LaPointe, his definition of the Northerh Michigan way of life, “It’s the ability to enjoy all the conveniences of modern life while living in harmony with Mother Nature.”

If that’s what you want too, Northern Michigan is for you!

According to Andy LaPointe, “Up North Michigan doesn’t officially exist on any map, but it does. Perhaps it’s the sense of tranquility one experiences walking through streets lined with towering oak trees, the promise of a rhythm of life slower pace and friendly greetings from neighbors. Up North is more than tourist shops, fudge and cherries. Up North is a state of mind. It’s a place to play golf, ski the tracks, hitting the trails, enjoying the laughter of family and friends, forgetting the stresses of the world and losing yourself in the serenity of watching the sun go down over the western horizon.You know what I’m talking about…the sunset bright orange and flamboyant yellow!”

For more information on the author’s work, visit the website here at www.UpNorthDream.com His books are available for purchase on Amazon and at the book signing event as well.

About Traverse Bay Farms / Fruit Advantage

Winner of over 35 national food awards at America’s largest and most competitive food competitions. Traverse Bay Farms is America’s first award-winning super fruit company.

Offering an all-natural line of fruit salsa, fruit barbecue, dried fruit including dried cherries, dried blueberries and more. Additionally, Traverse Bay Farms offers cherry juice concentrate and teaches the health benefits of cherry juice.

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