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Wellesley POPS Senior Profile: Lucy Calcio learned from the dual passion of music and theater


Special for the Swellesley Report Courtesy of Wellesley High School Bradford and Parents of Pupils Performers (POPS). This is part of a series of senior POPS profiles that we will be posting.

Few students can claim as strong a passion for the performing arts as that of Lucy Calcio. A member of Wellesley High School’s Class of 2022, Calcio shone during her time at the school as a vocalist and performer, being an integral part of bands such as Renegade A Cappella, the Keynote Singers and Song Sisters, and the troupe of improvisation.

From an early age, Calcio enjoyed performing, taking dance lessons, and dancing competitively in elementary school. In sixth grade, she began doing plays in middle school, falling in love with acting. Around the time she started high school, she took up singing, participating in the plethora of singing groups in high school and taking private singing lessons to improve her vocal skills.

Lucy Calcio (Photo by Sandy Sandwich Productions)

During her time in high school, Calcio participated in many plays, but the ones that stood out for her were Everyone gets eaten by sharks and new works, some of his very first. “Everyone gets eaten by sharks was my first speaking role as Sweet Bonnie in high school. With this piece, the actors were able to participate in the METG festival, and it was such an incredible experience. New works was a process where the Juniors cast Freshman in self-penned plays. I was one of those freshmen, and working closely with an upperclassman was a huge learning experience, as well as tons of fun,” Calcio said.

Outside of school, Calcio has also worked with the Wellesley Theater Project, where she performs in numerous summer and winter productions. “This summer, I was in Revenge of a Blonde, and I had the opportunity to play one of my favorite roles, Brooke Whydham. I learn so much from WTP and have amazing friends who love theater too,” Calcio said.

Beyond his love for the stage, Calcio also enjoys working behind the scenes, such as writing his own one-act plays. “Last year I got an honorable mention in the Sherwood Collins Playwriting competition for an act [play] I wrote called A dating story,Calcio said. “I also won the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild’s Star Actor Award in my sophomore year.”

With all this success, Calcio is extremely grateful to the teachers who have allowed her to advance. “Ms. Sullivan has been an amazing teacher and guide as I navigated acting in high school. I also learned a lot in my a cappella group, in acting class with my fellow Acting 4 Intensives and from my other improvisational leaders.Finally, I had the good fortune to participate in our wonderful choir department under the guidance of Dr. McDonald for all 4 years of high school,” Calcio said.

On a personal level, Calcio has also learned invaluable lessons from the performance, knowing both the thrills and the challenges it has to offer. “Performing arts taught me to take risks and be vulnerable,” Calcio said. “You put yourself into a song or a monologue or a scene, and often you have to deal with not being chosen. Being vulnerable on stage while trying to make the audience laugh in Improv Troupe or auditioning for an a cappella solo made me grow not only as a performer but as a person. I gained confidence and learned to view rejection not as a failure, but as an opportunity for something else.

As college approaches for Calcio, so does an abundance of new opportunities. Although Calcio does not plan to pursue acting in college, she hopes to pursue her passion for the performing arts however she can. “Theatre and performance are things I would never want to give up. I plan to audition for college a cappella groups, comedians, choirs and keep acting in my life,” Calcio said.

Article written by WHS Bradford staff: William Liu ’24, Tate Bannish ’24, John Battaglino ’24.

Lucy Calcio (Photo by Sandy Sandwich Productions)
Lucy Calcio (Photo by Sandy Sandwich Productions)
Lucy Calcio
(Photo via Wellesley Media

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