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Wolverine game will be written by Spec Ops The Line Writer


Insomniac Games’ upcoming Wolverine game will be written by the same spirit behind the story of cult classic Spec Ops: The Line.

Spec Ops Wolverine

AAA video games using the properties of Marvel Comics are increasingly common. One of the most popular games featuring Marvel’s lineup of heroes is Spider Man by Insomniac Games. This PS4 game was such an acclaimed title that it was enough to give the green light for a spin-off and sequel in the form of Spider-man 2 for the PS5. In addition to this, the studio will develop a Wolverine game too. While there has been some rare information since its reveal a few months ago, an important aspect of the game is the storyline, with the main author confirmed to be Walt D. Williams.

Among the games for which Williams wrote, the famous Special operations: the line stands. The game’s narrative is a heavy and uncomfortable adventure, deconstructing many military third-person shooters, which has been praised by many players. Williams joined Insomniac Games a few months ago, which caused many fans to speculate on the type of game he would be working with at the studio. It is now confirmed that he will be the main character in the upcoming story Wolverine Game.

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This was highlighted by famous Twitter user @ shinobi602 as that detail was enough to get them more excited about the game. Special operations: the line, Williams’ past work includes Borderlands: the pre-sequel, and Star Wars Squadrons. Given that Special operations: the line is one of the most prolific and discussed games of the seventh generation due to its deconstructive elements, and that Wolverine will have a mature tone, this leads to some exciting possibilities regarding its story. Given the maturity of the Special forces the story was, Williams should be a perfect fit for a narrative meant to focus on a serious character like Wolverine.

While the latest games released by the studio have been light-hearted, Insomniac occasionally dives into darker themes. This can be seen with the recent Spider Man games, where despite the T score, some of the topics presented can be quite intense. With this next Wolverine game, it is possible that, just as with Special forces or his book Significant zero, Williams can tackle dark scenarios. Given Logan’s long history, there are plenty of options for this type of storytelling.

It’s unclear how much time has already been spent writing the game, given that the studio is still working hard on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Based on his past experience, Walt Williams’ role as Story Lead should mean good things for the Insomniac plot. Wolverine Game.

Marvel’s Wolverine is in development for PS5.

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