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Woods author inspires inspiration with sales manual


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Vi Clarkson gets a book signed by author Steve Lorenz.

Steve Lorenz, resident of Grosse Pointe Woods, has learned a lot during his 35-year sales career, including the importance of a sense of humor.

Lorenz, who sincerely wants to make a difference, recently published “Thee Textbook on Selling: Volume 2”.

“I wrote it two and a half years ago,” he said. “I took a year off during COVID. I had lost my job and spent that time looking for a job. Plus, I didn’t think I had to write a textbook about success when I was unemployed. So he stood there and collected the dust for a year and a half.

After finding a job, he decided he was lacking in content, so he turned to friends for help.

“I have a wonderful circle of extremely loyal and successful friends,” he said. “During one sleepless night, I sent an email asking: What’s your best-selling story? Twenty-five people submitted one to three page essays on how they are entrepreneurs who have gone from relative obscurity to successful careers.

Among them is Alex Lucido, real estate broker from Grosse Pointe, owner of Lucido Real Estate, and his wife, Theresa, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Wellness Coaches. They are among more than a dozen guest contributors to the Lorenz Handbook.

Each chapter includes a personal anecdote from Lorenz, followed by an answer to the question, “This is a sales manual, so how does it apply?” “

Although it is written with a little humor, its message is sincere. There is a moral to this story, Lorenz said. “The task is in the way. There is a task and a goal. If you are focused on the goal, you will fail.

“To get the result, there could be 25 tasks,” he added. “Divide the goal into tasks. If you are smart, you will complete the tasks sequentially. … One at a time, take the steps. The task is in the way; the result is where you end up.

Telling inspiring stories he’s heard – whether from a Detroit Lions coach or the pages of Golf Digest – Lorenz gets his point across.

“I wrote it because it’s fun,” he said. “There are funny, erased stories about myself and funny, erased stories about the people I work with. … I wrote it for myself.

From left to right, author Steven Lorenz; book editor Megan Tomasi and book layout designer Kathryn Dunleavy browse copies of the book at the book signing.

But ideally, he would like to see the book on optional reading lists for community college and / or business school students. The $ 15 book would be nice – and affordable – for this age, Lorenz said.

“I would love to change the world of printing,” he added. “By making them pay $ 200 for a textbook?” … I would love for other people to stand up for a bit and say that community college is not designed to break the bank. Can we not use books at a reasonable price? “

Lorenz said young people who are starting their entrepreneurial careers would also benefit from the book, even if their career path is not in sales. He gave the example of one of the contributors to the book, a young woman who lost her job during the pandemic. She moved from Boston to Michigan and decided to use her savings – and a loan from her parents – to open a vegan restaurant.

“It will take a recipe and take 40 to 60% of the fat out of it,” Lorenz said. “She makes vegan fat-free donuts. She’s so good. She said, ‘After my store gets big, I can do a franchise, write a cookbook, and you’ll see me on The Today Show.’

“She’s betting on herself,” he continued. “She’s risking more than she did and had the courage to look into this movement at age 25. That’s who I want to read the book to.”

Taking risks, having the right attitude, finding inspiration, and learning why loss matters are some of the lessons throughout the book.

Brian and Maudi Moody receive a book signed by the author. Maudi Moody wrote an essay for the book.

“I made all the mistakes; I have been called of all names; I have done all that you can do wrong, ”said Lorenz. “It’s been a long, long road. But other people have done it with tremendous success, because they’ve looked into it.

“… And if you think that you are not selling, you are not paying attention to the world around you. “

Lorenz hosted a book signing event at Osius Park in Grosse Pointe Shores on September 30, which included a coffee cart and live music. For those who missed it, “Thee Textbook on Selling” is available for $ 15 on amazon.com.

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