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Writers gather in Archer City to remember Texas author Larry McMurtry


Writers from across the country will gather in Archer City this weekend to pay tribute to Larry McMurtry, the legendary Texan author who died in March.

Hosted by George Getschow, co-founder of the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference at the University of North Texas, the convocation will include readings at the Royal Theater by McMurtry-influenced writers and a free public screening of The last picture show Saturday evening.

Why is this important: McMurtry, who grew up in Archer City, is one of the most acclaimed and prolific writers in the history of the state.

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What they say : “Larry McMurtry has had an impact on the way we all think in Texas, the way we think about ourselves,” Getschow told Axios. “There was a time when we had a chauvinistic attitude about Texas. It made us reconsider our way of thinking about our customs, our beliefs.”

What we are looking at: A collection of essays from writers speaking this weekend and others will be published by the University of Texas Press.

  • Contributing writers include Beverly Lowry, Stephen Graham Jones, Sarah Bird, Skip Hollandsworth, Stephen Harrigan, Geoff Dyer, Alfredo Corchado, Diana Ossana, McMurtry’s occasional writing partner, and Mike Mooney 👋 of Axios Dallas.

Go further: Read Mike’s essay on how McMurtry’s work has changed Archer City since the August issue of Texas highways.

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